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Hi there! My name is Jessica Lemley-Carballo aka Chickadee Jess. This started as a sewing/craft blog and after a long break it will be evolving into something more.  I plan to post about my first year homeschooling my 4th grader and my struggles with depression.  Now that my little Ev is going to Kindergarten at public school, hopefully you'll find me elbow deep in sewing projects during my free time.  We are non-religious, secular, eclectic homeschoolers.

As a first year homeschooler, I'm sure I don't know much about the challenges that lie before me.  I've done a ton of research and spent endless amounts of time planning and thinking. My son is extremely bright and sensitive and he just wasn't happy or excelling in a traditional public school setting.  His school and classroom teachers were caring and skilled and I don't fault them one bit.  In fact, I'm sending my Ev to public school this year where I believe she'll get an excellent education. At this point I'm playing it by ear and I'm OK with that.

This blog is called Chickadee Jess because my mom always called my sisters and me Chickadee as a pet name (she sometimes still does) and it just stuck with me.  Jess is short for Jessica (that's me). I call my kids Chickadee as well and I'm just waiting for the day when my son calls me on it!

I've come to think its time to share my journey with depression in case it can help someone else.  Depression is a part of my life every day and so it should be part of my blogging as well.  Sometimes life is good but I won't  pretty over the bad and the ugly anymore.  

Ari is our spirited, bright 9 year old boy who is passionate about reading. He is engaging to talk with and has lots of big ideas. Ev is our funny, energetic 5 year old daughter who always wants to know how things work. She has a technical mind like her mommy. Sometimes being curious gets her in trouble but most often she makes up for it with her impeccable comic timing. My husband Aaron anchors us all down to earth and keeps things from getting too crazy around here.

Also check out my Liebster Blog Post for more information about me. Please leave a comment to say hi if you get a chance!


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